Regular lines

AUTOBUSES CUADRA begins the service of the Durango-Vitoria line on January 16

13 Jan 2017

The Durango-Vitoria line serve to the localities of Retana, Miñano Mayor, Luko, Urbina and Legutio in Alava and Otxandio, Mañaria, Iurreta, Izurtza and Durango in Bizkaia

The passenger transport company AUTOBUSES CUADRA will provisionally assume, from next Monday, January 16, the management of the Durango-Vitoria line by bus. The line will serve to the localities of Retana, Miñano mayor, Luko, Urbina and Legutio in Alava, and towns of Otxandio, Mañaria, Iurreta, Izurtza and Durango in Bizkaia.

BUSES CUADRA assumes the bus service between Durango and Vitoria in the same economic conditions as the previous operator. The company is committed to guarantee the quality of the service by renewing the fleet of vehicles, offering a system of purchase of tickets in advance with the allocation of the seat, that can be purchased every day of the week (including public holidays) in the ticket office in the schedule from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Clients also can buy them on the company’s website and through an application that can be downloaded on the mobile phone, as well as in travel agencies and on the bus.

In addition, the company is going to install in the vehicles some luminous elements that indicate the line and the direction of the tray in which it goes the bus.

Reinforcement schedule

The Durango-Vitoria line will be reinforced in the hours of 7:10 am in the direction of Vitoria on weekdays from September to June. The service will also be reinforced on Fridays or on the eve of the festive services at 15:30 hours in the direction of Durango.

The new bus service between Durango and Vitoria will incorporate a wallet card to facilitate the payment that can be recharged in buses or at the ticket office, which carries a 10% discount on travel. For round trips, a discount of 10% will also be applied to the amount of the return trip that can be closed on the bus.

The users of the Durango-Vitoria line have two traveller’s phones, 945 277 190 and 900 135 135, in which they can make their inquiries and transfer suggestions or complaints. This service will be operative every day from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The concession of the Durango-Vitoria line ended last spring and the concessionaire company then rejected the possibility of continuing to render the service. This situation led to the Department of Road Infrastructures and Mobility of the Deputation of Álava to tender in June a transitional contract in order to ensure the continuity of public transport.

The Durango-Vitoria section, which will temporarily manage AUTOBUSES CUADRA, is integrated into the Miranda-Vitoria-Durango line, whose administrative concession corresponds to the Provincial Council of Álava, and which will be renewed by public tender, next year 2017, for its implementation in service in 2018.