Regular lines

Accesible services

Transportation adapted to our customers

In Autobuses Cuadra we developed a plan so that all our services are accessible for people with reduced mobility. Those persons who are not self-sufficient must travel in the company of a physically non-disabled adult person.

All our buses have a motorized ramp or lift to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility. We also have reserved seats, at least four seats, for those traveling in a wheelchair.

We also have a device that, in a visual and sonorous way, informs about the requested stop and denomination of the next stop.

If you need to know more about our accessibility plan see our Protocol Action PMR-User Assistance with disability.

Guide dogs

Assistance dogs accompanying travelers can travel inside the bus/coach at no cost. Dogs travel on board and must sit on the ground at the passenger’s feet. It is mandatory that the dog carry his leash and all necessary documentation for the trip.