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CUADRABUS with Nepal’s widowed women

14 Dec 2016

The bus rental company from Alava collaborates with The Direct Help Foundation, to help widowed women in Nepal

CuadraBus is collaborating with the NGO, The Direct Help Foundation, led by the Catalan aid worker Toni Aguilar, to help the widowed women of Nepal who suffered the devastation of the earthquake. They were marginalized in a state of absolute helplessness so this NGO guides its mission to widowed women and daughters. Most of them have received no education and are at a clear disadvantage to face the needs of every day.

The project takes shape at the Kumary House shelter, which aims to offer these women and their daughters a place to live, feed and educate the girls until they can find a job.

This is a direct collaboration between the bus rental company from Alava and the Non Governmental Organization that runs Toni Aguilar, which uses financial assistance to boost their project. Also they make visible in our environment the reality of the suffering in Nepal and promote cooperation with this foundation to help improving their situation.